Over 15 years of experience

Over 15 years of experience

“Smile in Style“... Promident believes it from the core of heart. The last long 15 years Promident proudly serves patients with passion and dedication. Behind our survival success story immense skill, top notch equipment, advanced technology and enormous hygiene maintenance plays the foremost role. Let’s shine the smile and we are always with you.

We dedicate ourselves to provide optimal quality service at minimum costs. We provide various services to revitalize your facial appearance which is the best indicator of a healthy life.
At promident we provide the following services:

• Root Canal Treatment with endo motor
• Cosmetic filling
• Porcelain/zirconium crown
• Dental Bridge
• Dental Implant
• maxillofacial surgery
• Scaling with Polishing
• Flexible Denture

Promident Dental  Clinic

#best_dental_clinic_ in_ banani




Our Location

Kazi’s Heritage, (Lift 5) House-49, Block-H, Road-11, Banani.Dhaka-1213


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